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My Story 

The Full Story

Take a deep breath Mel; you are not crazy!!!

That was the first thing I said to myself when I decided to leave a great career with excellent benefits. I was the 2nd most tenured employee and worked with people who saw Mel and not just the color of her skin. It was like Disney World with no kids, free food, and lots of alcohol. However, with all these great perks in my career, the artist, mother, and wife were miserable, and it showed. I was working for money and had no time for much else. So in November of 2019, I started a journey of self-discovery, death of my ego, spiritual growth, and rebirth of the artist.   

Birth of Soul of Tha Matter
On January 13th, my life changed forever!!! That day I had a nervous breakdown and took Sarasota Police on a nice ride around the city, leading them to the scene of my father's murder. When I realized where I was, I finally admitted I needed professional help (djm). I started to open up with my family, friends, and community. I realized some powerful truths during that time. The first truth, I was not alone. Some people had experienced the same traumas as I had and surveyed. The second truth was that many women in the African American community don't seek help for wounds that can not be seen. The third and most powerful truth I learned, we are overcome by our testimonies. On Soul of Tha Matter, I have conversations with people in my community and allow them to share their testimonies. We discuss different healing options like meditation, music, and spirituality. You can join the conversation on my Facebook or Instagram pages. Or come here to hear my latest spoken word music. I am so looking forward to connecting with you and you and you :) 


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