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Psalms of The Elusive Black House Wife

Daily I teach him about kindness and respecting others Every day. I am on him to listen to his father and mother.
But right now, I am just calling out to my God to keep him safe.

Psalms of The Elusive Black Housewife is a collection of poems written at the beginning of the pandemic. Author Melanie Lavender invites readers into her prayers for forgiveness, protection, and wisdom. Using her pen to describe the raw emotions of parenting during a time of uncertainty, fear, and social unrest. As David did, this housewife took her petition to the Creator of Heaven and Earth and stepped out on faith.

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"I love this because I know I can turn to this book of poetry for wisdom and guidance. Thank you, Melanie" tvongkoth


"When I tell you Melanie poured her soul into this compilation!!! You ever read something that made you put the book down just to take time to reflect..." TShabazz

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